Sept. 18-22

  • In Reader's Workshop, we are starting Unit 1 this week. The comprehension skill we will focus on in this unit is determining the main idea and supporting details of an informational text.  Students will also continue to read on their own and respond to what they read by writing in their Response Journals.  
  • We tested on our patterns unit last week.  This was a difficult test for many students.  This week we start a new unit on addition and subtraction fact strategies.  We will continue to use our Chromebooks to practice math facts and skills. We encourage the students to review and practice math skills at home using these websites, also. See the websites link on this page.
  • Math homework night is on Tuesday.  I am impressed by how responsible most of the students have been with returning their homework.  
  • Students should return their second At Home Reading slip for September.  The third slip will come home on Monday. This month, students should read at least 10 minutes/day or a total of at least 50 minutes for the week.  Students who return all four recording slips in a month will earn a prize. 
  • We start official spelling or Word Work this week. You can access the list for the week at home by going to Spelling City.  This great website provides motivating practice in spelling skills.  Here is a link to the website:
  • We go to the media center to get new books on Tuesday. Each child can check out 4 books, two to take home to read and two to put in their book bins for reading in school.  Please help your child remember to return books on Tuesday.
  • We continue to review and practice our good Cardinal Code behaviors throughout the school settings.  Many students are earning a lot of Cardinal coins for their great behavior!  Our Cardinal Word of the month is Responsible.
  • As always, please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have about your child or what is happening in our classroom.  Good communication is so important for a successful school year for your child.