Summer 2017

I hope you are having a great summer!
Here's some ideas to keep your skills sharp and your brains big!

Reading:  you know this one:  just read, read and read.  Read ebooks (see the link on the left or just google "online books"). Try to make sure you are reading the books, not just listening to them.  Read ANYTHING--comics, magazines, signs on the road--anything with words!!

Math: check out the websites on the left.  You should keep practicing your facts to get faster and faster (we call it "fluent" in teacher talk!). Try Sumdog and decorate your house!

Remember, there is always Study Island to help you learn new things.

Here's a great Website for parents!  If you have questions or concerns about the apps/websites your children might be visiting, check out the information on, this website lists some apps and websites that kids may be on and gives you important information. Officer Dana suggested this resource.