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Week of 2-12

date 02/12/2018 author Julie Rohling category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

 This week we have a Valentine's Day party on Wednesday.  Please make sure Valentines are brought in.  Students may also bring a small drink in to enjoy during our afternoon party.
New spelling words come out today!  Help your child with their words.  They should have a list in their planners.  
Don't forget Friday is a half day!
In Reading we'll be talking about cause and effect with a variety of different texts.
We will also be taking our Math test on decimals this week.
Please let me know if you have any questions!
Miss Rohling

Week of Feb 5th

date 02/05/2018 author Julie Rohling category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

Pretty normal week this week.  We just have the Arts and Academics performances on Tuesday at 2pm.  
In Reading we'll continue to work on comparing and contrasting.  We compare and contrast themes, characters, settings, and events in different stories.  
In Math we'll continue with decimals.  We will be looking to test next week.  Please help support your child by working on their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.  Homework also comes home Tuesdays and Thursdays.  
Have a great week!
Miss Rohling

Week of January 29th

date 01/29/2018 author Julie Rohling category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

We are falling upon the middle of the quarter this week.  For AR that means your child should be at about 7 points for the quarter to be on track to making their goal.  
Today Officer Woodford will be coming into our class to talk about a different type of training in the case of an intruder.  This training is called ALICE training.  Ask your child more about that today.
Last week we finished our unit on fractions and will be getting into our unit on decimals today.  We'll be in this unit for about 2-3 weeks.
In Reading we're continuing our compare and contrast unit using non-fiction texts.  
Look for a new spelling list to come home this week since we tested last week.
If you have any questions, please let me know!
Miss Rohling

Week of January 22nd

date 01/23/2018 author Julie Rohling category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

Pretty normal week this week. We will have library on Tuesday instead of Monday.  Just a reminder that AR is going on right now.  In order to be on track for the quarter goal students should be earning approximately 1.5 points each week to meet the goal of 14 points for the quarter.  That means so far they should have at least 4.5 points.
In Reading we're working on summarizing.  You can help with this at home by asking your child to summarize their day or summarize their reading.  
We'll take our spelling test this week on the planner words that have the -au, -aw, and -al pattern.
In Math we'll be testing on our fractions unit.  Students should be able to find equivalent fractions, identify fractions, add and subtract fractions, and compare fractions.  All of this should be done using mixed numbers, proper fractions, and improper fractions.  
Have a great week!

Week of January 15-19

date 01/17/2018 author Julie Rohling category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

Sledding Party is Friday for anyone who paid the 50 coins!  Bring sleds!
In Math we're continuing with fractions.  We can identify, compare, order, and find equivalent fractions so far!
In Reading we've been comparing and contrasting two texts.
We're continuing on with the same spelling, aw, and al.  
Don't forget recorders should be coming to school for Music!
Report Cards will come home on Thursday!
Have a great week!
Miss Rohling

Week of January 8th

date 01/08/2018 author Julie Rohling category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

This week some information about Arts and Academics will come home.  We will also have FAST testing to check Reading Fluency.
In Reading we're working on summarizing and comparing and contrasting stories.  Summarizing is a skill you can work on at home with the nightly reading assignment.  Ask your child to summarize what they read during their 15-20 minutes of reading.  If they can't tell you, they should be rereading to help them understand.  This may be a hint to you that they're not focused, in a quiet spot, or the book level is not appropriate for them.
In math we're continuing with fractions.  Students should be able to find  equivalent fractions for you.  This is a tough skill, but we made great progress last week!  Math homework will be twice a week now.  Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Please help your child with their work if they need it and let me know if it is a struggle so I can give them more help at school.
You should have a new spelling list from last week with the pattern of -au, -aw, and -al.  Please help your child to study those.
Many students took AR tests last week and that is great!  Please remember to help your child by talking about what they're reading and encouraging them to take AR tests!  You play a vital role in your child's learning.  Thank you for the work that you do.  Together, we can accomplish so much more!
Have a great week!  Should be warmer to start the week! :)
Miss Rohling


date 01/02/2018 author Julie Rohling category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

2018 is here!  Welcome back!  
This first short week is pretty typical for our schedule.  We will try to sneak into the library on Wednesday to get some new library books.  Science is finished so students will now go to Mrs. Hartfiel's class for Social Studies at the end of the day.  Our sledding party was supposed to be on Friday the 5th, but is being postponed due to cold temps.
Look for some information to come home next week about the Arts and Academics program.
3rd Quarter Reminders:
-fresh start to AR; by the end of the quarter students should have at least 14 points with 80% accuracy to meet the standard.  Make sure you're reading at home EVERY night!
-Please remember to sign planners, that helps me out so much and lets me know that communication lines are open.  It also promotes responsibility from the child.  
-Dress appropriately for the weather...hats, boots, snowpants, gloves, scarves, and of course coats.
-Conferences are right around the corner again.  Look for information to come out later this month about scheduling conferences.
I hope everyone had a wonderful winter break!  It's time to come back and really hit the academics again!  Look for an update on that next week!
Have a great start to your 2018 and stay warm!
Miss Rohling

Week before Christmas break

date 12/18/2017 author Julie Rohling category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

Hello Everyone!
I'm sure everyone is super excited about break, but we've got a few days of work to put in before the fun can begin.  Today we will have a small character education presentation from Mrs. Ourada and Mrs. Scheffler.  Friday we will have our AR party in the morning and our classroom holiday party in the afternoon.  The holiday party has a gift exchange remember.  If you have any questions, please ask.
We'll be wrapping up our unit on Main Idea and details.  We'll take our spelling test so we can start new in the new year.  
In Math we'll continue on with fractions.  Students are currently able to identify fractions and have started to compare fractions.  This unit will continue in 2018.
This will be the last week of Science for our students.  Next quarter they will have Social Studies with Mrs. Hartfiel.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.  Have a great week and a wonderful end to your 2017!
Miss Rohling


date 12/12/2017 author Julie Rohling category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

Pretty normal week this week.
We will be taking our STAR test in Math.  Last week was Reading and this week was Math.  You should be able to ask your child how they did on Reading already and either today or tomorrow ask them about their Math.  We talk about the progress they made or should have made.
Reminder that gifts for the gift exchange can be brought in at any time.  Thanks to those families who donated pencils, kleenex, or treats already!  It is very much appreciated!
We'll get our next spelling words today.  Look for those in the planners.
In Reading we're working on Main Idea and Details.  We've read several texts already and identified the main idea and the details.  The next step is to put that into a summary.
In Math we've started fractions and so far, so good!  Many of the students think it is easy!  Key vocabulary already includes: denominator and numerator.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!  Have a great week!
Miss Rohling


date 12/04/2017 author Julie Rohling category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

Well the big event of the week is the Holiday Program on Friday at 12:45.  It will be over at the MS/HS in the gym.  The students will be spending extra time practicing this week and we'll alter our daily schedule a a little bit because of that.
This week we will take our STAR test in Reading and next week we'll take it in Math.  
In Math we'll be reviewing and testing on long division and starting fractions.
In Literacy we're really talking a lot about finding our evidence in the text.  This is hard because many students don't want to go back in the text and look!  
We're continuing with our current spelling list this week.
Reminder, the end of the quarter is nearing and students should have 14 AR points.  Currently we have 7 students already at their goal!  Ask your child where they are at.
A note went home last week about our upcoming gift exchange.  If you have any questions about that, please let me know.
Looking forward to a great week!
Miss Rohling