Welcome to Mrs. Abrahamson's  Special Education Resource  Classroom.



  In my classroom we concentrate on Emotional & Behavioral Disabilities.  We currently have three  paraprofessionals that work as a team to service our students.  Anxieties, frustrations, coping skills, anger management, self management, accountability, focus strategies, and organization are all targeted areas we work on.  smileyThere is NO mountain to high, if we set goals, stay focused, be determined and motivated!!  Raised expectations=higher outcomes.  I teach moments of Mindfulness and understanding of reactions, feeling projections, and outcomes.  There are 3 ways of thinking: CRAZY,LAZY,& AMAZING!  The center of my lessons focus on these 3 areas.


A wonderful day in the EBD program would look like this:

8:00  Breakfast Club/special transport pickups/Check Ins with daily goal point settings
8:30 Transitioning students to Homerooms 
8:40 Classroom monitoring for targeted behaviors and assisting students that need a quiet place to work or relieve sensory issues.
9:30 Seatwork for two students in First grade and one from second grade as well as kindergarten. Sensory break & math interventions for two fourth graders
10:00 Group with two first graders and one second grader
10:30  Behaviors in third and fourth grade reading classrooms
11:00 Lunch group-kindergarten
11:30 one-on-one social skill work with fourth grader
11:45 one-on-one with a third grade student
12:15 Work with kindergarten students and sensory for two fourth graders
12:40 Lunch with fourth grade student, one on one time.
1:15 Fourth grade group session
1:45-2:30 Prep ( best time to get a hold of me).
2:30 Check outs and tally points up and review daily goals


Contact: Bobbi Abrahamson Rm 113 Ph. 507-644-7628 ex. 7113