Looking for and receiving scholarships can be the most exciting part of getting ready for college.  We have several wonderful resources for students to use when searching for scholarships. The first and easiest to access is the monthly scholarship list (starting in October) in the guidance office.  Miss Heiling (Jenáe) keeps a detailed listing of scholarships (local & national) that are available for students to apply for.  Stop by and pick one up!  We will also post the most current list on this website page and the bulletin board outside the high school office. Here are some helpful tidbits on searching for scholarships: 

Scholarship List   Updated 4/21/2017


Click on the link to apply: 
Deadline for applications: Midnight on Wednesday, March 15, 2017
How to apply:
1. Go to

2. Click on the “Students and Parents” tab at the top far right.

3. Click on “Click to Apply” (if you or your parents have trouble you can click on the gray support button)

4. You must create a student login using your email address and a password. Make sure that your password is some
thing you can remember and write it down in a safe place. The process is the same for parents. Use your email
not that of your parents. Do not use your school email.

5. Once Step 4 is completed, you will receive an email which will allow you to begin your Profile which will contain
all of the info for applying for scholarships with the Redwood Area Dollars for Scholars and the National Dollars
for Scholars awarded via Scholarship America.

6. Click on the Basic info tab.

7. All items marked with asterisks (**) are required. All others are optional but may be important for additional
scholarship opportunities beyond those awarded by our local chapter. As you complete a section the bars on the left
will change from red (not started) to yellow (partially completed) to green (completed). As a side note the percent
age completed will not reach 100% until you are both awarded a scholarship and have accepted the award.

8. Any place you see a blue bubble with a question mark (?) in it, you can scroll over it and an explanation about the
item will appear, e.g. “Legal First Name” will state: “As it appears on your social security card”.

9 At the bottom of each section there are two buttons: (1) “Save and Continue” which will save your information and
allow you to proceed to another section or (2) “Save and Go to Dashboard” which takes you back to the dashboard
and will allow you to see the progress you have made in each section.

10. Notes on specific sections:
A. Documents: You may store any documents here, e.g. scans of certificates, samples of school work, etc.
B. Parents/Financial info: Although our chapter does not require any financial information, you may want your parents to complete this section for additional scholarships from Scholarship America and other scholar ships generated through fastweb.
C. Essays: There are two essays in this section. The first is titled “Goals and Aspirations” and its completion is required by our chapter in order to be considered for a scholarship. We would expect a strong paragraph or two for this essay question. The second essay is entitled “Unusual Circumstances”. While you may not have an unusual circumstance to share, we would recommend that you at least state “I have no unusual circumstances
to share. This way we know you have considered the question.
D. References/Transcripts: You are required have someone from the guidance office send your transcript, they are also the place to find out your class rank. Be careful to make sure you put their email in correctly so they get the email. You are required to have one reference. Make sure that their email is correct also.
E. We do not require you to report your ACT or SAT scores as we do not use them in our analysis of your
applications. However, if you wish to be considered for other scholarships you should include that if you took the ACT or SAT.

11. Be sure to go to the sections “My Scholarships” and “My Opportunities” regularly and often because scholarships have different open and close dates. Make sure you have applied for ALL scholarships that you are eligible for under these tabs. Under the my scholarships link, there is a fastweb link. Clicking on that button will generate scholarships which match the information in your profile, saving you search time. “My Opportunities” will list scholarships which are open to all applicants.

12.“My Scholarship News” provides links to recent articles about scholarships. “My Resources” is a great place to
learn more about how to get into college and complete college. I recommend that you and your parents spend time
exploring this section before you complete any scholarship application.

Local Scholarships 
A wonderful opportunity is Dollars for Scholars that is not only local donors but can also assist students in applying for national scholarships all through a students college life.  As of 2012/2013 the application process is now online.  Watch for announcements when this web page is opened up for students to start applying.  If help is needed you can stop by the high school office and Miss Heiling can assist you.  
Tip: The more you complete this process the better your opportunities are.  

Parent Instructions for Dollars for Scholars

Student Instructions for Dollars for Scholars

College/University Scholarships
The next place you can look for scholarships is at the college you will be attending.  The bulk of your scholarship and grant money will come directly from your college, so pay close attention to deadlines and requirements.  We have listed the most common college scholarship links below.  If your college is not listed here, simply visit their website and search for scholarships or financial aid.

Minnesota State University, Mankato

Southwest Minnesota State University

University of MN, Twin Cities

St. Cloud State University

Ridgewater College

MN West

South Dakota State University

Click to Compare Colleges 

National Scholarships
The last place to search is the internet.  We have listed several reputable sites below.  Simply input some basic information on these sites and you will receive a listing of scholarships that are available to you.  These listings contain national scholarships which are very competitive, so start early!
Tip: DO NOT apply for any scholarship that is asking for money - there are a lot of scams out there so be aware.