Welcome to FACS!

Hi! I'm Donalee Josephson. I teach two high school FACS classes -- Food for Living the first semester and Family Relations/Child Development the second semester.  In addition, I teach middle school keyboarding/computer applications/job shadow classes for grades 5-8.

I'm excited to introduce students to the world of cooking and nutrition in Food for Living.  What I most appreciate about this class is the life application skills one gains. Knowledge of nutrition is so important to a healthy life and the creativity, organization, and time management skills involved in cooking and baking make for a FUN class!

During second semester, I teach Relationships/Child Development.  I look forward to helping students explore the basic concepts of self-understanding and responsibility for behavior with the focus on  positive self-image and developing relationships throughout the life cycle. In child development, students will discuss parental readiness and learn about pregnancy. After observing infants and preschoolers in a daycare setting, they will study intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of children, birth to 6 years old. A field experience at two daycare/preschool settings will give students real life exposure to working with and meeting the needs of children.

Contact: Donalee Josephson