Reading: This week we will be learning about cause and effect! Students will be reading books at their level and determining the cause and effect. While working in these small groups we will also practice fluency! Throughout the week students will continue to take ar tests while doing independent reading! While students have their independent work time we will be using that time to reinforce all the skills we have learned this year!! 

Word Work: Spelling lists can be found on my spelling city website! This week our words will be comparative words (iest, er, ier)!

Library: We will continue to go to the library on Wednesday's!! Students are allowed to check out three books!! 

Writing: Students have been working SO hard with forming letters correctly and neatly. This week we will continue with cursive! Students will be practicing making the lowercase letters! We will also finish writing a story about why we are lucky! We will also be starting our persuasive letters this week!

Math: This week we will continue our geometry unit. Students will be required to identify 2 and 3 dimensional shapes! They will also need to be able to compare and contrast these 2 and 3 dimensional shapes! 

DON'T FORGET that math homework will be coming home Tuesday night! Students should complete this and bring it back the next day!

Science: We are going to start talking about solids and liquids. Students will be doing experiments and different projects to learn more about air and weather. 

Physical Education: To see what your child is doing in Physical Education look at Mr. Ellanson's webpage!

Music: To see what your child is doing in Music look at Mrs. Nester's webpage!

Steam: To see what your child is doing in Steam look at Mr. Buyck's webpage!! 

If you ever have ANY questions about anything let me know!