What a great first week! I have enjoyed getting to know all of the students and we have had so much fun! We had a "snowball fight" where I got to learn about students. We did a lot of read alouds and students made great connections with them all. It was also very fun to hear about what they did over the summer. 

September 11th-September 15th
Reading: The first 20 days of reading students will begin to learn about reading to self. We will have students try and reach a goal of reading to self for 20 minutes. We will give students the tools on ways to be successful with this. We will be teaching students how to pick the right books for them to read. Students will discuss the books we read in our classroom with other students.. talking about what they like and did not like about the book.. retelling the story.. and we will begin to check for understanding. 

Writing: The first 20 days of writing students will review and learn how to write full sentences, how to write stories and use personal experiences to write about different topics. We are going to be reading numerous stories and making connections with these stories for students to continue to write about. Students are on their rough draft part of their very first story! It is so fun to learn about what they did over the summer. We also have began working on handwriting. Students will be writing the letters G and H this week! 

Math: This week we will review skip counting and growing and shrinking patterns! We will be skip counting forwards and backwards by 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s and 10s. We will also be reviewing growing and shrinking patterns! Students will take a test on patterns at the end of this week. 

Social Studies: This week during social studies we will begin talking about Communities. We will talk about school communities, redwood falls community, who and what is in our community. We will also talk about rules (constitutions) that we need to follow in our communities and why that is important!

Physical Education: To see what your child is doing in Physical Education look at Mrs. Scharmer's webpage!

Music: To see what your child is doing in Music look at Mrs. Nester's webpage!

Steam: To see what your child is doing in Steam look at Mr. Buyck's webpage!! 

If you ever have ANY questions about anything let me know!