Reading: We are on second week of Unit 3! This unit focusing on Sequencing and determining important information in texts. Students will be reading a variety of different texts and determining the sequence in which things are happening. We are also focusing on finding important information in texts. Students are continuing to take AR tests in our room on the books they are reading independently. I continue to push students with their desk work by finding them appropriate articles to read and do themselves. 

Writing: We are finishing our first writing unit. Our first writing Unit will be personal narratives. Students will be writing a story about their lives. We will continue talking about the writing process and the steps we need to do to write a story. We will continue working on our handwriting which will be Tuesday and Thursday. 

Math: We just finished up our money unit! We are going to start our place value unit this week! Students will be practicing writing, making and reading numbers up to 1,000! We will do many hands-on activities to practice this skill. 

KEEP PRACTICING addition and subtraction facts!

DON'T FORGET that math homework will be coming home Tuesday night! Students should complete this and bring it back the next day!

Science: We are still working on our plant unit. We will start to talk about plants and work with different types of plants. This Unit will be covered throughout the next couple of weeks! 

Social: We will be covering maps this week when we aren't doing science. We will be talking about how to use maps, what we find on maps, and even creating our own map!

Physical Education: To see what your child is doing in Physical Education look at Mrs. Scharmer's webpage!

Music: To see what your child is doing in Music look at Mrs. Nester's webpage!

Steam: To see what your child is doing in Steam look at Mr. Buyck's webpage!! 

If you ever have ANY questions about anything let me know!