October 16 - 18

*There is NO SCHOOL on Thursday and Friday for Education Minnesota (MEA). Enjoy the long weekend!
*We have a new student in our class this week. Welcome, Aindreas!
*Tuesday: Library, math homework.

*Please encourage your child to read at home every night!

Reading: This week, students will work on contractions. Students will practice analyzing characters in text and visualizing what they read. Students will work on using correct grammar in complete sentences, including capital letters and correct punctuation. 

Spelling City: 

Writing: We are learning about writing personal narratives and using the writing process. We are also learning about adverbs. In handwriting, students will be printing the letter P.  

Math: We are continuing our unit on addition and subtraction strategies! Students will work on bridging to 10 to add and subtract. We will also review patterns from our first unit. 

The students have loved playing math games on their Chromebooks. I encourage you to check out the 2nd Grade Math Resources and/or RG Math Games page if your child would like to practice math skills at home!

Science: Students are learning about air and weather. 

Art: Students are learning about lines and warm and cool colors. 


We have been having a great start to the school year, and I am excited to see the students continue to grow and learn every day! Please don't hesitate to email or call with any questions, comments or concerns.
-Ms. Spanovich

Contact: Cassie Spanovich